Sunday, 7 December 2014

14 weeks pregnancy

Hello everybody and welcome to my pregnancy blog. Now every week I'll try to post some information about my pregnancy.
Now I am 14weeks pregnancy.
Total weight: 103 lbs
Gain weight: I've no idea. I feel that my belly is growing but my clothes fit me perfectly
Food cravings: Salty apples
Feelings: fatigue and stomachache
Symptoms: sore boobies, backache, fatigue.
Maternity clothes: not yet
Pills: elevit prenatal, iodine
Sleep: if we walk before going to bad, it's nice
Gender: no idea.
Movements: nope.
Irritating things: stomachache
Labour signs: not yet
Belly button: in
Wedding rings: on
Mood: good enough
Stretch marks: nope, to prevent them I use lierac
Looking forward to: Christmas

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Food Tuesday: My pregnancy diet

Hi guys and welcome to my Food Tuesday. Every time I post my pregnancy diet. My morning starts with a lass of lemon water. For breakfast I eat oat porridge with soya milk, some raisins and cinnamon. I have a cup of cappuccino.  

My lunch was real Armenian pelmeni and one plum. 

For dinner I ate a breast of chicken and some tomato salad. A took vitamin E.

My dessert was some nuts, figs and Armenian matsun. 

Thanks for reading