Thursday, 30 June 2016

The best day ever

Hi everybody! Yesterday I got my diploma! Yahooooo!!!

My recommendations how to get a diploma with excellent grades. I graduated from the New Humanitarian Institute, and now I am both an English teacher and a teacher of the French language. Moreover, it's my second high education. The first profession of mine is engineer of construction like my Dad's one. Yeah, it sounds proudly.  You know, I prefer being good at English linguistics. All the same I'll give you some helpful pieces of advice how to graduate from any University:
First of all, you should care of your attendance as it's very important. Honestly speaking, you can receive knowledge with help of attending your lectures and practical lessons. Of course, it is not the only way to do it, but it is the easiest way to get knowledge. You should't look for extra material for your exams, you need just your lecture material which can be useful for your preparing. Moreover, a professor will know  your character, your attitude to his or her subject, your success and achievements. I am sure that your professor will take into consideration all of these in the examination. Generally speaking, attendance is very important thing.
The second one is your careful preparing for all practical lessons. You should show your interest, abilities and intellect. The professor will fix you in his memory. He will treat you with respect, and it's rather important for you.
And the third one, it might be and the first item, but all the same, YOU MUST LOVE YOUR JOB. You should choose any profession you are interested in it. Ant everything will be alright, I promise you. Now i can just wish you luck. 

Be a good girl, my student.

With love,
Mary M.