Wednesday, 2 July 2014

School Wednesday: Ask Egor what the real barbecue is?

Barev dzes guys!

Go the past to the USSR. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics consisted of several countries which now are separated. And one of them is Armenia, you know. And today I would like to clear up its history a little. The Union Soviet was formed on 28 December 1922. Before  separation USSR, it bore a lot of difficulties such as  World War  II, Cold War  and very difficult post-war period. And in
1991 there were all separated countries. And why does it mean? To me, people have the same rights
and we always must respect all people inspire of their nationality, colours, language, traditions and religions. This question worries me all the time, to tell the truth. We can love any person and it doesn't matter where he was born.

On Thursday we went to the forest, there was a large lake in it. It's beautiful. You can be proved by this.

And Egor made barbecue. It's tasty, he can do it without any effort. He was born with it, perhaps.

The smell...

 I was so tired...

The most most...anyway mine