Saturday, 29 November 2014

Wedding sweet party

Hello every body and welcome to my blog, it's time to watch my wedding pictures. I am so sorry for making you wait but our photographer has just given them to us. Let's see.

It was on the 18th of July.

Our wedding rings.

Our first common document.

In Russia there is a tradition to contract a marriage with help of signature. 

Now we are husband and wife.

In our country after entering into marriage just married people should let pigeons out of their hands to be happy.  

My wedding bucket is wonderful as if it had been from fair-tale. Thanks to Natalia.

We are just walking.

Then we went to my husband's house.

I am tired a little and people are throwing some sweets. It's for happiness.

In Armenia there is one tradition: before entering home groom and bride must break plates which the bride had brought before wedding day. We succeed in it.

My strongest honey 

It is a sign of timeless love

We are in the restaurant

My mother-in-law meets us with lavash and honey. It's an Armenian tradition.


The first dance

Girls! who is the next?


The last thing is our delicious wedding cake