Saturday, 9 July 2016

Fresh air?!

Hello everybody! Welcome to my Weekends. Today I'd like to tell you how to keep you fit and health. It's well known that you should eat health food, do the sport and sleep well. but, unfortunately,  not all people can afford these tips as we are parents having small children. So, am I. I am a mother of little daughter. She is only one year old. All the same, I try to stay in shape and to be healthy. As you know, the first one important think is fresh air. My daughter and I prefer go to our grandparents' (My Mom and my Dad) to feel fresh air as they live in their own house not in the town but in the country. The second tip of being in shape is to have much more water (2 L a day). Water helps us to be active and it speeds up your metabolism (drink one glass of it before breakfast in the morning) helping loss weight.  It goes without questions that sport is important in our life. Sport is moving and moving is our life. You need just 15 minutes to do the sports. Maybe, you will find some time when you child have a nap. Do some exercises to keep you fit. Think over what you eat. Your diet, first of all, should be balanced and healthy. It includes proteins, carbonates and oil fat. Do not forget about breakfast as it gives you energy for a day.  Try to sleep enough. Go to bed not so late. When you put your chid in bed you should try to sleep or maybe have a nap during the day if you have such a possibility. Your beauty depends on your sleep. I think, all of these can help you to feel good.

My little princess.

Mary M.