Friday, 2 September 2016


Hello my beautiful friends and welcome to my Thing Friday.  It's well known that every woman, it doesn't matter young or old one, always tries to be attractive, to care about her skin, hair and body. But it goes without question that nowadays there is a wide choice of beauty products in the beauty shops, so, women do not what product is better, what one is worse. And to me, such a post can be rather helpful in choosing on or another product. As I recommend some products or vice verse. 
Well, beautiful golden September has come and so, it is time to share my favourite things with you, my friends.
The first august favourite thing is dream catcher shadow palette by NYX. 

I love this eye shadow. The colours are nude and two of them are dark especially suitable for lining. The colours are perfect natural and shining. Moreover it includes a mirror and a brush. But to me, I prefer another brush. 

This is the best thing I've ever had. It;s a eyebrows shadow. My brows are perfect because of this thing. The texture is mild and the colour is bright. 

to me, I love red lipsticks and my favourite on is from L'oreal as it's rather mild, it doesn't dry my lips and it's matte. Before using it, I apply a red pencil to get an accurate line and richer colour. 

To care of my skin I use L'oreal Sublime bronze body milk to tan my skin and also to moisten it. As a rule, I use it one a week.

This is Lipocils Talika eyelash conditioning gel which helps to grow your eyelashes. I bought it because my eyelashes became not very well as I had been got eyelash extensions. And you can see the results after 3 days. I do love it.

I got it because of my sister. She highly recommended it to me. This shampoo gives you volume and nice smell. 

To care of my hair I use this oil from L'oreal. 

This the best mascara I've ever had, as a rule, I buy chanel intense. I tried a lot of mascaras such YSL, Dior, chanel. So I highly recommend you Guerlain  Cils d'Enfer volume and curled mascara.

It's a new remover make-up expert. I like this as it cares of my skin after make-up. 

Thanks for reading.
Mary M.