Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Food Tuesday: My Mommy's birthday

Hello guys, welcome to my Food Tuesday. Actually, it was Mommy's Sunday. 

I had breakfast with my Mommy, we had some 4 cereal flakes porridge with soya unsweetened milk, some cinnamon and some raisins, as a rule. We adore it. 

For snack I had some cottage cheese, a pink lady apple, my favourite one, and had organic white tea with raspberry. 

My lunch was some Caesar salad making myself and a glass of cold water. I loved it more. 

I had one small piece of three chocolate cake and my Mommy had some Salty Pringales chips. Thanks Egor.
Water is very important I have more than 2 L a day.


Thank you for your attention. 

With love,