Thursday, 5 June 2014

School Wednesday: Passing your examination

Welcome to my School Wednesday!

To me, exams are very important and disturbing things. Summer examinations start in June, as a rule and I need addition time to prepare them. It's very difficult to work and at the same time to take the exams. But we have no choice and so we'd adapt to it successfully.
First of all, no matter what subject, you must find all answer for each questions.
Secondly, divide all answers to learn some of them partially. For instance, you can learn 2 tickets a day if you have enough time before starting an exam. That's why don't leave anything you can do today. It's a very very important rule.
Thirdly, try to understand the material and tell it in your own words. It helps you lots.
And don't forget leave one or two day to refresh all themes.
I think or even I'm sure it helps you to help any exam.

Thanks you for reading.

With love,