Sunday, 29 June 2014

Style weekends: Excellent marks mean Starbucks?

Hello guys and welcome to my Style Saturday, I came back...ahahah...I passed my summer examinations. Oh, my God. I have complete holidays.

And today we've been in Moscow. And we couldn't pass by Starbucks.

Thanks Egor for visiting my favorite cafe Starbucks.

 I do like Frapuccinno from it. Today I had caramel one but Egor had chocolate one without coffee. I passed all my exams perfectly, I needed  to have something sweet.

 I am  content as now I have an opportunity of reading the book, Harry Porter and the sorcerer's stone by J.K. Rowling. On the other hand, I suppose it is time to look for information of my course papers.

I was wearing my LTB jeans, shoes from Chanel, Tvoe T-shirt and bag from BeFree.

Thank you for reading.

With love,