Sunday, 3 August 2014

Just only five minutes

Hello everybody and welcome to my Style weekends. Today I'd like to tell you about my most exciting and wonderful day in my life and these pictures present those 30 minutes before my husband's coming. I came home from hairdresser's and I had several minutes to put my wedding dress up and I can say BIG thanks to Egor's sister because of her help. What about my wedding dress, it looks like a princess's dress and it's so amazing, you can see it in my pictures. 

The colour is clean white. I made these pictures myself, so sorry if they are not very good but anyway we had a photographer in our DAY so I will present another pictures from our wedding. I am so excited as I have not seen them yet. As soon as I receive them I promise to show you almost all of them.

Before my wedding I decorated my room: hearts, balloons and...very nice. My hair is done so is my make up. Medea helped me to dress.

This is my brother, Kirill. He made these pictures.

I was smiling but I was excited.

At last we heard the knock at the door and it was my broom and his friends. I was glad to see him. And then we went to the registry office and we became one family, Egor is my husband, I am his wife.

Thanks for reading.
With love,