Monday, 4 August 2014

Spanish sun

Hello everybody and welcome to my Belle Monday. Today I will show you all my sun protection creams and oils. And I will advise you some of them. 

This is all my collection this summer.

Nivea oil 6 SPF, Loreal oil 15 SPF Loreal cream 20 SPF (my favourite one) and Garnier Amber Solar SPF 30 dry spray, a new one. And the same is after sun from Garnier Ambre Solaire. For lips I used balsam from Nivea. I do love it.  

What about oil, to tell the truth I do not like using them.  I prefer cream Loreal 20 SPF and it makes your skin blinking and your sunburn becomes better. 

It is a water for your face skin and it is so amazing because it helps to fresh your skin during the sunshine.  

It is a bag from Garnier Ambre Solaire. I do love it. it is a present because I got some things of GAS.

If you go to Spain don't forget to buy all things which will protect your skin and try to choose perfectly. As for me I used only Garnier dry spray SPF 30 and Loreal SPF 20. But we tried to go to the beach ably in the morning and in the evening after 4 p.m. I recommend to do the same way to protect your skin from the bright sun.

Thanks for reading.
With love,