Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Whole Buckwheat flakes Breakfast

Hell guys, welcome back to my Food Tuesday, in this label I tell about all my meals on Tuesday.

My breakfast was some buckwheat flakes with natural yogurt and some prunes and some raisins, my cup of latte coffee.

It was organic buckwheat flakes and I do love it with some natural yogurt.

During breakfast I had a big glass of water. I drink 2 L daily.

My snack before lunch was some nuts, walnuts and figs. I had a coffee.

My lunch was very late at about half past four. Before lunch I had some fresh fruit and nuts, and for lunch I had a cheese chicken sandwich and ryajenka. 

I do love it. I recommend to taste Russian ryajenka if you adore milk products. 

In the evening I needed some fresh fruit that's why I had one apple and peach. It was so delicious. I really enjoyed the fruit. Be healthy and enjoy eating food.

Thank you for reading.