Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Spanish meal

Hello everybody and welcome to my Food Wednesday. At this time I was in Spain so I will add some pictures of my Spanish breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks of course. Every single day I had Frappe or Frapucinno from Starbucks. 

Every single day started with musli and soya milk. I love it especially with hot milk. 

And of course coffee.

Yogurt was always presented on our breakfast table.

Plus two such glasses of water.

For lunch we went to the restaurant. 

I had frappelatte and Egor had of course orange juice.

I had  some salad Caesar. It was amazing. 

Egor had some fried fish with some rice and vegetables.

It was my everyday water.

For dinner we went to the restaurant near our hotel, I had cheese pasta, it's amazing and a glass of cold water and Egor had a glass of cold cola, 

Egor had fried duck breast&chips.

Sorry for the quality of these pictures, they're from iPhone.
For dessert we had some peaches, vanilla cheese and Milka cakes. We had some water as a rule. 

Egor had pizza Margarita.

Thank you.

With love,