Saturday, 2 August 2014

Only girls

Hello everybody and welcome to my Style Weekends, this week starts with my past events because I was very busy for several last weeks. I got married and it's a real reason of my absent. So, I would like to start telling about all my events. Our wedding was on the 18th of July. It was so exciting but I will tell about our wedding and honeymoon in Barcelona later. First of all, I will start telling about my preparation to our wedding and of cause it is my girls' party. I made all decoration myself and it was in marine style, there were 4 persons in my party and they were only girls as a rule. All girls have such party before their weddings. So, let's see on my one.

Of cause, my party was not going without any presents. So the girls brought me some chocolate, a photo frame and a nice bode for my jewelries. 

These were my guests, my husband's sisters. Their names are Siranush, Sima and Medea (from left to right).

With Love,