Monday, 12 May 2014

Belle Monday: Hair & skin protection

Good morning and welcome to my Belle Monday. Today this article is about how to protect and have ideal hair and skin. It's my favourite spring things those suit me a lot. And I love them as I have dry hair & skin.

Firstly, it's Lumene Artic Spa Body Lotion Vartolovoide.
It helps to water my skin. I use it after taking a shower.

I've got Nelly hair protection from heating. I must add, this is water that protects your hear from damage such as ironing or hair drying. I love this water as it never charges my hair.  

I have been using this Bio Oil as I'd like to prevent stretch marks on my skin. It smells wonderful and doesn't leave tracks on clothes.

The cream is from Bubchen, Germany. I love it as I've dry skin of my hands.

My favourite smell of antiperspirant is Garnier mineral. 

I use my Aussie tree minute miracle reconstractor  a time a week. 

I do love this super brush. This is Tangle Teezer from the UK. 

I recommend all of these thinks!

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