Thursday, 8 May 2014

Shopping Tuesday

It's my shopping Thursday. You can guess that I've done the shopping today.
 But my Dad got very tasty berries for me and my Mom. He says: 'For our girls' ahahaha...STRAWBERRY...I love it so much.

I prefer eat it with organic natural yogurt that Ive bought

Clipper Green Tea with citrus flavour.

It's for my Mommy. She adores dark chocolate. She has it for tea time.

I can't use any milk except Alpro for cooking my breakfast porridge. I use Unsweetened soya one.

Cheddar Cheese is very delicious.

This Ruzskaya ryajenka is the best one. 

I and my Mommy love cottage cheese for lunch or dessert with berries, fruit or raisins. 
It's all that I've bought today. 

Thanks for your attention. 
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With Love,