Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Food Tuesday

Welcome to my Food Tuesday

My breakfast was some oat porridge with raisins and cinnamon and a cup of coffee. I add raisins as it helps to keep health. It contains a lot of useful vitamins. I fully recommend you to eat porridge every morning. It helps to give energy for all day and to increase you metabolism. It is necessary for our health and body. And don't forget to have some water like I do it for each breakfast.
I had lunch with Egor in the restaurant.

I had a salad and a glass of orange juice.

 Egor had a smoked chicken with some vegetables and berry cocktail free alcohol.


My dinner was a cheese sandwich with cucumbers and my favourite yogurt with a banana and an apple. I recommend to get natural yogurt and add chopped favourite fruits, it's very healthful in contrast with usual yogurt with any preservatives. As a rule, I had dinner with my mom.

My snack was some white tea with raspberry and some items of m&m's. I do not have sweets a lot. But my doggy adores m&m's and he ate almost all sweets. My parents and I and of course my doggy had only one small packet of it for three.
That's all. Keep health & fit.

Thanks for your attention. 
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With Love,