Friday, 16 May 2014

Things Friday: Should women drive a car?

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Some people think that driving a car is a man's job. And it's impossible to imagine that many years ago only a man could drive a car. And it sounds funny nowadays. As to me, now in the world almost  the second woman has got her own car.  Speaking of it, I can prove two opposite sides: firstly, driving a car is very convenient, for example, as for me, I go to work, after work I go to my Institute and it's so difficult to manage with it and to arrive on time without a car. I mean if to use a public transport you can't have enough time to get to all places in time, especially if you live in other town like me. On the other hand, everything changes and each family has more than one car.  But statistics says that a man is a better driver. Even if we had returned to the past we would have seen that the first cars were invented by men. Some people think that women can't see out of their cars. Women sing and drive at the same time so they are not so attentive. Women can put make up while they stop at the lights. Some writes a message on the phone while they're driving a car. Female drivers don't understand that cars and iPod are different a little. And everything proves that it happens due to genetics. 
What do you thing of this matter? 

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