Friday, 23 May 2014

Things Friday: Wedding gossip

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Today I'd like to concern such subject as wedding. It's a very interesting things happen in our life. In addition, it's the very event of connecting people. But all countries have their own traditions to celebrate this day. To tell the truth, I do not like how it's spent in Russia. I always like more when I see some wedding films of the USA and European countries. It's wonderful, especially it happens in church. Oh, my goodness, I do love this. But in our country, it's possible to get married in church but only after entering into a marriage in the registry office.
And I decided to clear up some traditions in the USA.
Firstly it is a betrothal. You know, a groom gives a brilliant ring or may be any ring to a bride. It's a betrothal ring and they invite a lot of people. And moreover I know that it is held a repetition before wedding. For Russian people it's strange a little. As we have our ceremony in the registry office and after it we go to the scenery or something like a lake. And after just married people with their guests go to the restaurant or to home. And what I do not like more is that in the registry office there are only dome people and without parents. A bride's parents meet just married couple with a loaf and an icon. As a rule, a bride's mom hold the loaf in her hand and dad keeps the icon in his hand. There is some tradition who bikes the biggest piece of the loaf, he will be paterfamilias. It's true, I suppose.
But all my life I ask myself  two questions: if it's so necessary to invite a lot of guests and to spend much money to celebrate the event? Or may be is it practical to go abroad with this money?
The answer is obvious that everyone chooses himself and nobody can't give advice to him. Every little girl has been dreaming of white princess dress, a brilliant ring and everything like a fairy tale since childhood but in my personal opinion, all of these won't make you happy and won't improve your life. The most important thing is that you are always stay with your partner who you love more than something else. Just live and thing about your wishes as all our dreams come true this way.

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