Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Food Tuesday: Week's Italian Food

Good morning and welcome to my Food Tuesday.

My every single day starts with some oatmeal porridge with Alpro Soya milk and a cup of cappuccino. And I don't forget have a glass of water as usual.

Before lunch I had a snack. It was natural yogurt, in Russia it's called ryajenka, with some mashed apricots.

I had lunch with Egor we went to our favourite restaurant Il Patio. 

And I had pasta with white mushrooms and asparagus and cream cheese sauce.

 Egor ate sushi and had a glass of cherry juice his favourite one. 

I had some water.
It was dinner time I had it with my Mom. We ate boiled chicken breasts, some slices of cheddar cheese, some chopped parsley and a glass of lemon water.

After lessons I needed something sweet. But I am not a sweet tooth I had only one stick of TWIX. I had it with a cappuccino.
That's all.

Thanks for your attention. 
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With Love,