Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Weekends' shoes collection

I would wear high-heeled shoes and I could do it everyday. But now I like to wear them but not so often. As a rule I do it when I go out with Egor and especially I like to wear high-heels at the weekend. And I'd like to show my collection of high-heeled shoes


These ones are very beautiful and this pair of shoes is from black suede with Svarovski crystals. 

The shoes are one of my favourite pair of my shoes.

I do love my blue shoes as they're comfortable.

I prefer to wear the red shoes at work.

I have got two pairs of shoes from one of my favourite shop, when I go to MEGA, ZARA

ZARA sandals

It's a present from my elder sister, Helen. Now she lives in the USA, California. And before moving there with her husband, Sergei, she presented this pair to me. Thank a lot, Helen.
Egor does love these shoes on me.

I do love leopard colour. That's why probably I got this pair.
That's all. I do love shoes.

Thanks for your attention. 
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