Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day of presents

To day is the 29th of April. It means that tomorrow it'll be our anniversary. Exactly on that day we met at the club four years ago. So I got a present for my boy-friend. It's a nice belt from CK(Calvin Klein), it's made from natural skin, the colour is dark brown. hen I saw it I loved it so much. And at once I bore in my mind that he' like to get a new belt. So, I got it and I hope he'll like it. Wish me good luck.

I packed this present myself. It's so nice. 


Now, I'd like to tell you how to chose a present for a man. I know it's not an easy question, but there are some general presents that each man likes:
 1. A watch. It's number one. As such present suits all kinds of man. Your can chose classical style of watch or sport one.
2. A Belt. As a rule men like expensive accessorises. And it's one of them. I do not know one man who doesn't a belt.
3. Par fume. It's necessary for everyone and always.
4. A wallet. You can chose very nice one. For example it can match with his belt.
5. Lighter ZIPPO, I've learnt that it's just a man's accessorise if even he doesn't smoke.

Well, I think this list helps you to chose right present for men.

Thanks for your attention. 
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