Monday, 28 April 2014

Environmental protection

Now at the Institute we discuss such important problem as environment protection. To me, it's the most important issue in the world. But, to tell the truth, many people don't care about our environment. Moreover, they even take a part in pollution ecology and ecosystem. It's very unhappy. I mean that the people litter the landscape. Unfortunately, some people can leave litter somewhere, for example, after finishing a picnic or I've seen not only once that a child eating a sweet can drop its cover. We all pollute our environment and it' so pity.
I thing we can keep and protect our environment if we follow the next tips:

First of all, people must show their good side. I mean adults must be a good example for young generation. Because our future depends on us, our behaviour.

Secondly, in summer are late autumn you can ride a bike instead of your car. Nobody wants to live in the world filled with smoke. It's hard to breathe, it smells awful and it can be causes of many health problems.  It not only can protect air pollution but and keep you health & fit.

Thirdly, in the world you can observe a global warming. But it is a disaster, to be honest, our climate changes and it can influence not only water pollution due to a flood but and people's health. We must apply to it carefully. And I suppose the Government create some organisation to forecast different disaster such as the flood, earthquake and others. So, people must be ecology-educated to manage during some disasters and know how to behave in such situations.

Fourthly, to protect I environment means to eat health food. It's clear that if people use plenty of  pesticides or chemical materials the grown products can turn out very dangerous for our health.
Try buy bio & organic products though I know that they are mere expensive. Having organic products   means stay health & fit.

If you follow these steps, you will take a part in protecting our environment.

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