Thursday, 24 April 2014

Shopping Thursday

Welcome to my Shopping Thursday. Today I've got some products. My day was so hard, after work I had to do the shopping as there was no food in the fridge ahahah. So, what I've got, firstly, I've some bananas and fresh cherry tomatoes.

The second thing is my favourite cheese EDAM from Valio

The third one is a chewing gum mentors 3D, I've bought it as it's a new citrus flavor(lemon, grapefruit and orange). I love it.

And fourthly, I've got kinder chocolate for dessert.

You know, I am not a tooth sweet. But Egor always tells me I need some sweet. But I tried to choose more useful products to be health and to me kinder is one of such products. I recommend them. They are so delicious.
And moreover, I have  bought Natural Nivea Intimate and Colgate tooth paste.

Thanks for your attention.
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With love,