Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Food Tuesday

Welcome to my Food Tuesday. Here you can see my meals during the day. For breakfast I had organic oat porridge with 1/2 banana and cinnamon, a cup of cappuccino and water. I can't start my day without having some coffee.

Lunch is some boiled chicken with some cherry tomatoes, organic buckwheat crisps and a glass of smoothie. As a rule, I make smoothie from organic natural yogurt, kiwi and a banana. It's so delicious.

I had dinner with my Mom. We had sandwiches with cheese and smoked sausage and organic natural yogurt with a banana.  As a rule, I also had another cup of water. I do love Evian water.

I can't say I am a sweet tooth, but after my studying I was so tired so I needed something sweet. I had my organic white tee with raspberry and a bit of a chocolate cupcake that I had made myself. It's so sweet and tasty. And I had some water.

Everyday I have more that 2L water. It helps to keep my skin clear and smooth.

Thanks for your attention.
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With love,